1. shine like new

From the recording shine like new


shine like new
wishpenny 2004

in a yellowed cigar box on a shelf someone forgot
are little pieces of a lifetime
June of 1933 letters from sad Emily to her mama
says I don't wanna go on this way

there ain't nothing a little time can't change
a dusting off, a fresh coat of paint
choose a color, anything but blue
step in the light and
shine like new, shine like new

Mama, John has lost his job and married life's not what I thought
I'll stand by him, but we've been fighting
seems it rains here everyday, I think the sun got washed away
you know I miss you, and give my love to everyone back home

December 1939 I hope you're well we're doing fine
John made foreman and I've been writing again
there's a baby on the way, ought to be here the first part of May
we bought a small house right outside town, come see us soon