bound to

2010 - Nashville, TN
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rusty hearts
oh no ok
what do you know
bound to
a fact
anchor shield and sword

shine like new  

2004 - Valdosta, GA 

shine like new 
those words won't come 
ashes to the ground 
keep it together 
fourth of july 
good enough


This Nashville duo . . . kicks out sophisticated songs that bridge the whole blues-americana-country-rock arc. The chords come from the blues, the construction from rock and the sensibility is somewhere out in the meadow. Well written and performed even better. I'm thinking I'll be liking this a lot more as the days roll by. 
Aiding and Abetting 

The Nashville based duo are offering up ten tracks of no frills, superior quality, country tinged folk rock, Brian handling the arrangements, engineering, production, mixing and mastering as well as playing electric and acoustic guitar, bass and drums, Regina providing the lyrics, vocals, photography, design and acoustic guitar. 
Beat Surrender 

Title track 'Bound To' - which is sung very intimate and dreamy with only the minimal sounds of an electric guitar as accompaniment - can really attract and succeed permanently to hold your attention.'Simple, lo-fi and intriguing' might prove to be the most suitable summary for this meritorious first album by these two 'do-it-yourselfers'. 

Dreamy folk songs, interspersed with a few subtle bursts in the form of delicious alt country songs and a beautiful female voice . . . "Bound To" of the two from Nashville is just a warm and inspired folk album. Many folk and altcountry enthusiasts will therefore appreciate this debut disc. 
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